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Private Editing Services

Editing to Match your Creative Vision

When you first inquire about my private editing services, I will begin to study your work so I can become familiar with your creative vision.  I would like to be clear at the beginning that it takes time for me to duplicate your style.  With the combination of my dedication and your feedback, my editing should look like yours within 2-4 catalogs.  It is important that you share your editing process with me so I can best replicate your style.  You can trust that I will not share your editing style with anyone.

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Simple Systems for File Sharing

I edit exclusively in Lightroom and utilize Smart Previews for quick file transfers.  We will share the images with one another using Dropbox. The workflow is simple and has minimal steps; I will help you every step of the way! We will discuss the details of file sharing during our first meeting.

Community with your Business

I am honored to be a part of your personal and business success.  My strengths lie in coming alongside others to help them be the best they can be.  When you think of me, I want to think that help has arrived.  I will follow your success on Social Media, be available to answer any editing questions you have, provide feedback for any aspect of your business if you request it, and just BE THERE for you.

Custom Delivery Times

Currently, my sole business focus is being a private editor.  Because of that, I can usually produce fast turnarounds. Through my years as a private editor, I have learned that it's not always about how fast a catalog can be delivered, though.  What is important is that my clients receive their catalogs when they need to receive their catalogs according to their unique wedding workflow. When you hire me, we will discuss your workflow, when you can deliver your images to me to edit and when you would like to receive the images back from me. I can deliver a wedding catalog as early as 3 business days.  I only accept a certain amount of clients per year so that I can maintain a standard of consistent delivery times.  When I focus on a limited number of clients, I can commit to meeting custom deadlines, which will help you meet your deadlines, leading you to increased profitability and decreased stress.

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