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Why should I hire a Private Photo Editor?
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Reduced Stress

There are many different responsibilities the photographer assumes when running a business: manager, accountant, scheduler, marketer, advertiser, writer/blogger, social media whiz, album designer, secretary, and the list goes on! Taking pictures is just one of the many hats!  All of the responsibilities you have to run a successful business can increase your stress level as deadlines loom in front of you.  Are you capable do EVERY responsibility in your profession?  Sure you are!  But is being responsible for EVERYTHING the best use of your time and stress? Absolutely not.  When you outsource your editing, the stress you have will be significantly reduced so that you can have a more peaceful well being, enabling you to do more of what you love and finding rest in your personal life.

Provide Consistency

The benefit of having a private editor is that one person learns your creative vision and replicates that vision throughout all of your images. I have heard story after story of clients who outsourced to a big-box editing company who had to spend hours fixing their images because the edits were inconsistent with what they expected the images to look like.  As I edit,  I look at every single image to make sure that your gallery of images match your creative vision. With a healthy relationship with me as your private editor, you will not have to wonder and worry if you will be satisfied; I guarantee your satisfaction with my work. 

Increase Profitability

A large portion of a photographer's time is spent editing the images they took for their clients. The time spent in front of a computer is time that is not making you any money!  Editing is a task can be taught and managed well by a private editor, who takes interest in your business and values your work. There is no way to increase your income by spending more time editing;  booking more weddings = more accumulated editing hours that you do not have time for! Through outsourcing, the average photographer shooting 10 weddings annually can save at least 100 editing hours! A portion of the time you were spending in front of a computer can now be put back into your business. When you invest some of those precious hours in learning new marketing strategies, enhancing your client experience, or being behind the camera to shoot more weddings, your capacity for increased profit margins will grow. 

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